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Company History

We adopted the name “Treasure of the Mountain” since year 1999 to handle business of Taiwan jades, wood works and OEM & ODM products. We carry the thought of honest management toward everyone and manage the business step by step in all the past years for establishing the foundation to market Taiwan jades and precious wood works. Officially in 2010 April, we transformed to “Taiwan Treasure Company” for building up the website and the internet store to expand our services to more customers who enjoy collections.


Company Characteristics:

1. Located in the hometown of woods & gems and also is the travel start point of Taiwan northern cross-island highway.
2. To select woods, jades and stones strictly for processing creation works.
3. Stick to natural jades and insist on the fine lines, texture of woods.
4. Welcome customers to visit our well displayed store and factory.
5. We guarantee the works are made from natural jades or woods and also offer competitive prices.
6. Participating in the public service activities of forest conservation and energy saving related environmental protection.
7. Promoting and introducing the skillful creations of Taiwan jade art.
8. Providing the information services about Taiwan jades and woods.


Paling meander neck

Company Concepts:

All the jade and wood products from our company,

1. Guarantee natural materials;
2. Emphasize on real precious materials;
3. Select strictly for professional processing;
4. Endeavor to achieve fine workmanship;
5. Raise the level of art creation;
6. Every work is unique;
7. Maintain the nature of every work;
8. Increase the collection value.


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1. Trade consulting about jade ore.
2. Offer processing and polishing services of jades.
3. Wholesale of jade ring planes, pendants and bracelets.
4. Display and sell of jade sculptures.
5. Trade of original wood desks, chairs and screens.
6. Trade of odd wood and carving artistic works.
7. Trade of original wood boards and materials for decoration.
8. Extract essential oils of crude woods and make handmade soaps.


Recommendation from the President:

There are a variety of jades native in Taiwan and the quality is superior but the quantity is relatively rare. The endemic species of Taiwan Cypress, Taiwan Red Cypress, Taiwan Incense-Cedar, Luanta-Fir and Stout Camphor trees are known as releasing phytoncid. And the superior works made from Taiwan Yew, Zelkova, Boxwood and Pistacia Chinensis are all worth collecting. We are doing our every effort to focus on the best products and services. We sincerely hope to offer you the most superior and the most practical investment arts. Collections not only will show personal style, but also embrace everlasting values.

To have a few beloved collections and pass on them to next generation is great Inheritance. Let the appreciation to resplendent jades to be passed on and also let the wood fragrance of phytoncid promote families’ well-being. Let us be of your service and wish everyone happiness and well-being for their families.

Sincerely from CHEN, Chuan Cheng
(Director, Association of Chinese Jades)

Tainwan Treasure Company Owner 1



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English/ Japanese/Chinese representative: Miruku Chen